The Offices of The Net’s Biggest Bloggers

Ever wonder what the home offices of the Internet’s biggest bloggers look like? Need ideas for your own home office? Well, Shanker Bakshi dot Com has posted some pics showing the offices and work stations of over a dozen A-List bloggers.

Wonder how offices of these top shot bloggers look like? Well in my quest to become a successful blogger I always think about it. Most of the Tech Geek Bloggers uses their laptop for blogging purpose but most of the top bloggers have their very own blogging headquarters, a very fine decked fully loaded and equipped office. I always wanted to have a workplace like this.

I’m giving here pictures of offices of my favorite bloggers for your delight. Hope you would like it.

My office currently consist of a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, two PCs, one media PC, one 30″ LCD, two 20″ LCDs and one 50″ plasma screen. I’ll most likely be adding a Mac Pro with three 24″ LED displays next. As fancy as that sound, it still doesn’t quite compare to this.


Check out the offices of the Internet’s top bloggers.