The Observatory Had No View

As part of Dine Out Vancouver, we went to The Observatory restaurant last night. It’s call The Observatory because it’s located at the top of Grouse Mountain. Normally, The Observatory is a very expensive restaurant. So expensive that they give you complimentary Grouse Mountain lift pass if you dine there. A ride up Grouse on the skylift cost $29.95 per person so you can imagine what the average dinner bill is if the restaurant waives that.

We showed up late because of rush hour traffic and rain. For some reason, when it rains in Vancouver, drivers think the speed limit is 5MPH. I really don’t understand how people can stand rush hour day in and day out. It would drive me crazy. When we got to the top of Grouse Mountain, we headed to The Observatory for our dine out menu and what is claimed to the best view of Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain is up 3,700 feet and at that height you can see all the way to Tsawwassen. However, on this day, a cloud had decided to descend on the mountain and completely blocked any view we had. That’s too bad because we had great seats by the window. Oh well, the food was great. I plan to visit The Observatory again for dinner but will wait for a day when a cloud won’t ruin the view.