The Money Train Hits The Roller Coaster

Here’s another update to the Digital Grabber traffic graph showing the effects of the weekend. Weekend traffic is always lower than weekday but it’s very pronounced on a site that doesn’t have many pages indexed by Google. The normal pattern is traffic will drop on Friday, hit their low on Saturday and Sunday then rebound back up on Monday. As you can see in the graph, the difference is dramatic – traffic went down as fast as it went up. However, as you can see, it still did over 2,000 page views on Saturday, which is well above the 500 per day the site was doing before I restarted it.

The reasons for the weekend blues are caused by a few factors – the most important of which is there are not as many people online on the weekends. Another factor is we don’t update the site on the weekends and most people know that very few sites update on weekends so there’s not much reason to visit until Monday.

The TechZone’s traffic goes down on the weekend as well but the difference is nowhere near as drastic. This is because TTZ gets a tremendous amount of traffic from Google and is not as dependent on other sites linking to its new articles. All the pages on Digital Grabber are fully indexed by Google but the site doesn’t have anywhere near the number of pages that TTZ have. So Digital Grabber must rely more on network and affiliated sites posting its news.

Even though Monday’s traffic was lower than Friday’s, Digital Grabber actually made more thanks to higher CPC rates – The site made $75. Add in the $35 from Laptop Gamers and the two sites have broken the $100 a day mark, which is not bad for sites that were restarted just six days ago.

The internet money train may feel like a roller coaster at times, but it’s a great ride! And it’s only going to get better as we enter the Q4 bonanza. I expect to earn 30% to 40% more with the same traffic level because of Q4 advertising price increases. However, I don’t intend to keep traffic levels the same. It’s going up baby!