The MGM Skylofts

I thought I would post a few photos of where I stayed while I was in Las Vegas for the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. The MGM Skylofts is like the most pimping hotel I have ever stayed in. You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when you see a LCD monitor in the mirror!

LCD in the mirror

The Skylofts bathroom

There’s also a 32 inch plasma screen so you can watch TV from the Infinity edge Spa Tub with “Champagne Bubbles” massage function. If you don’t want to jump in the tub then you might want to try the “Immersion Chamber”-a total shower experience with steam and rain gently caressing you. It had a total of five shower heads.

The Skylofts is perfect for entertaining friends or hosting a party, which was what I did on Wednesday night. There’s a pool table and espresso machine so you can stay up and play all night.

Pool table

Espresso machine

At over 3,200 square feet, the Skylofts is a little bigger than Bellagio penthouse I stayed at last year. Next year, I think I will be moving back to the Bellagio because the MGM management didn’t like me filling the loft up with 200 people during my party.