The Kam Do Mixed Grill

Kam Do Mixed Grill

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I have lunch at a place call Kam Do quite often. Kam Do is a Hong Kong style restaurant located in the heart of Richmond. The place is famous for serving a lot of food at an extremely reasonable price.

Take for example, the Kam Do Mixed Grill. This monster dish comes with garlic bread, soup of the day, pasta, a drink, a dessert and a mountain of grilled and fried meats that are topped with a large fried egg. The Mixed Grill is the most expensive meal you can order at Kam Do. That is, if you call $14.98 expensive.

Most people are unable to finish a Kam Do Mixed Grill. But most people are not Stephen Fung. How Stephen managed to eat the entire dish and stay thin is really beyond me, and medical science. I have only tried the Kam Do Mixed Grill once. And once was enough. Sarah and I split a noodle dish instead.

Kam Do Mixed Grill

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