The John Chow Blogger Dinner Cost How Much?

I asked readers to guess how much dinner at Benihanna cost for 15 bloggers. The guess the came the closest to the actual bill without going over would win a signed copy of An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes.

The post received 159 replies with guesses ranging from $350 to $4150.10. One person guessed $1 million but I ruled that out as a joke. Google Lady did some research by finding the Benihanna menu online and looking up prices. That was very enterprising and shows logical thinking. Vik Dulat gets the evil award for asking Zac Johnson, who was seated next to me, how much dinner cost. Zac saw the bill but refused to tell. So, how much did the John Chow Blogger Dinner really cost?


Congrats to Sean Walberg of Sean’s Obsessions. Sean’s guess of $975.50 came the closest without going over. Enjoy the book Sean! My next party is a the 2008 CES in January. If you don’t get an invite, it means you are not important enough. 😈