The iPhone 6S Bikini Shoot – Proof You Don’t Need a DSLR

When it comes to taking pictures, I have a crazy expensive setup. Just the body of the Sony A7R II cost $3,200. Add in the cost of lenses, lighting, tripods, etc. and you’re looking at a $10K+ setup. But do you really need to spend that much money in order to take great photos? The answer is NO!

To prove the point, the fine folks at Fstoppers decided to do a bikini photo shoot using just an iPhone 6S. They’ve done professional photo shoots before with an iPhone, but their readers cried foul because they used a professional model and $10,000 worth of lightning equipment. This time, they used only $40 of accessories and the girl next door.

Don’t let the lack of professional equipment stop you from taking pictures. As Fstopper proved, you can shoot professional quality photos with just an iPhone. However, it really helps if your next door neighbor is a supermodel.

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