The Honest Truth About Making Money Blogging

Is it possible to make good money as a blogger? Many think it is impossible but I know that is not the case. My friend David Risley has put out a new video today that clearly explains why some bloggers make a ton of money while others make nothing.

David is a pro-blogger who has been making a six-figure income at it since 2004. Like me, David started with a technology blog and expanded from there. He knows his stuff, and he doesn’t beat around the bush as to how to do it. In his Wealth Gap video, David talks about things like:

  • Why do SOME people make good money while many others don’t?
  • Do marketers make more money because they are scammers?
  • How can you turn your blog into a funnel which generates an income?
  • What is the blunt, honest truth about the business of blogging? (or any business for that matter)

I think you’ll like it. No opt-in is required to view the video. Just click the play button and enjoy.

Wealth Gap Video

David Risley Wealth Gap Video