The Honda Fit On TTZ

It looks like Google has bagged me another direct site targeting campaign sale with another tier 1 advertiser. Honda is running an ad for their new Fit across all my sites. The ad shows up on US traffic only, so anyone outside of the USA won’t see it. Here’s a screen shot of how the ads looks on Digital Grabber.

If you want to find out if any site targeting campaigns are running on your site, you can do that by logging into your Google AdSense control and looking under “Advanced Reports”. Then under the “Show data by [?]” drop down menu, select “Individual Ad Unit”. Once you select that a notice box will let you check off “Show data by targeting type – contextual or site”. This will break down your stats and show you how much your site made with normal Google contextual ads and site targeted ads.

What can you do to increase your chances of getting a site targeted campaign? I talked about that at this blog post.