The Hidden Gem In Blogging

While there are hundreds of crafty ways to monetize your blog, the SINGLE greatest monetization method I’ve found is through strategic relationship building. In the past two years I have made well over a million dollars through the strategic partnerships that have come from my direct response marketing blog, Here’s how I fell into the world of blogging.

A few years ago I sponsored an internet marketing Think Tank in San Diego, California. While there I saw a familiar face, but couldn’t quite pin a name to it. The guy was a super tall Asian and he laughed a lot. I’d seen him all of the internet, and I knew he was a seasoned online marketer. So I walked up and introduced myself to John Chow!

Man did I hit pay dirt meeting John Chow. As you all know, John Chow is a prolific blogger and a serial internet entrepreneur. John opened my eyes to blogging online – which was the tipping point to my career as an online marketer.

As soon as I got back from Think Tank I jumped on and started reading all of John’s posts. Putting many of the tactics in play that John practices and preaches, I launched

Focused 100% on the Direct Response niche, the blog started to attract a lot of markers that I had always wanted to work with, but didn’t know how to reach out. Quickly my network grew into the juggernaut that it is today. Strategic offers launched, partnerships were reached, and a network of hundreds of influential bloggers started contributing to our reputation management project – which has turned into a project that is projected to do over $30 million this year.

It’s hard to put a price tag next to the long-term value of a strategic relationship. When blogging, my theory is that the more genuine value you can add to others, the more value that is added back to you. Good karma!

If you’re getting into blogging, or looking to build an online business, then you’ve come to the right place. Focus on creating content that adds enormous value to a vertical that you’re passionate about and the money will follow.

Thank you John Chow for years of great tips and insider info! Keep it coming!!!

This post was guest blogged by Rich Gorman of