The Greatest Things About Life

This post was guest blogged by Andrew Galasetti of, a blog about life, success, dreams, goals, inspiration, motivation, and anything that has to do with living life.

Yeah, many times life is tough but you can’t dwell upon those times. Life should be a fun adventure where you learn something from every little event. Here’s what I think makes life great and worth living!

You’re in control – YOU control your destiny. All the odds can be against you, steering you in the wrong path but you can easily shift your life in the direction you really want to go.

You’re not in control – This may be a contradiction to what I just wrote but there are times when you are not in control of events in your life. Instead of resisting you have to see where these events lead. Most of the time it will bring you to a better place because everything does happen for a reason.

Family – Family is extremely important in life. They can be your toughest critics and can be your greatest motivators whether they know it or not. If you don’t have a family create your own with a group of people that you deeply trust or join an online community which interests you. You will be surprised at the type of “electronic family” you can create.

Dreaming – I’m not talking about dreaming while you’re sleeping. I’m talking about dreams that keep us going. You may dream about a new house, new car, a better life, more money, finding the perfect woman or man, a better world. Dreams become reality and knowing that makes life easy.

Learning – You never stop learning. Some people say you learn something new everyday but when you are very observant you can learn hundreds of new things a day. Learning shows that you are open-minded and getting the most out of life.

Hard Work – If you’ve never worked hard in your life you aren’t living life! When hard work is accomplished it brings you an amazing sense of achievement and sometimes huge rewards.

Helping others – The joy and happiness that comes from helping others cannot be bought. If you can’t help others you can’t help yourself.

Being apart of the world – Being a part of something that is so massive and is always evolving is exciting.

You can change the world – Being able to change that same world you’re apart of. Imagine you could live on Earth but couldn’t change anything about it? What would be the point?

Witnessing life – One of the greatest things about life is witnessing others’ lives. Watching people grow, succeed, interact, and just live life.

There are plenty of other smaller things that make life so enjoyable as well. So go out there and live life! Cherish what you have and what you don’t have, it makes you and your life interesting.