The Great Imbalance in Blogging

They say those who were the first ones to do blogging are the lucky ones. Why? They make the most money, they get the most traction, they reap the best benefits. Almost a decade now since blogging started, nothing has changed that much. The rich grows richer and continues to thrive while those who were getting started never get past the startup stage.

I’d tell you what, I totally don’t agree with it. Im not rich, but I make good money and most people don’t. The equation has been still the same, 10% of bloggers make money, the rest don’t. Simple reason? There’s a big imbalance that’s happening right now. Let me explain it.

Guys like John Chow, Shoemoney and some others make good chunk of income through direct ad sales. And because of that, a lot of bloggers jumped into that without really having an idea of what to expect. You see the ratio is like for every 10,000 blogger selling space, there’s only 15 advertisers willing to shed money using blog advertising. Get my point?

Just the same as the already over AdSense Era. Some people revealed they earned good money by just copy pasting codes and poof. It’s been rehashed over and over and so basically what happened was it just became saturated. The guys who were making good with AdSense still make good up to now, while most are now disappointed because AdSense didn’t meet their expectation.

What Now?

We probably all heard the saying “Nothing is permanent”. In blogging, the things that worked about 2-3 years ago are probably obsolete by now. So too late to profit from blogging? Definitely not! The rules of the game is just simple! Destroy all those bloggers that are doing the same thing. Rise above the over saturated market with something unique. Take this, if everyone’s trying to make money from ads then why not go away from it and try different things? How about launching your own info product or maybe useful premium tools that would cater a certain market? Membership sites are still not dead too!

You see, there’s an unlimited option really. People make money because they think differently, they prefer to be discrete from the majority and more importantly they utilize it to their own advantage. Never be afraid to try out different schemes, different monetization models. After all, it’s not rocket science. Nothing in this world is rocket science I guess.

This post is guest blogged by Melvin Dichoso. Melvin is a young kid who’s been doing internet marketing and blogging for 2 years now. He blogs @ where he shares all the good stuffs to his readers. And yes, he uses twitter as well so follow him!