The GoPro Vs. iPro At Disneyland

Sally and I are back at Disneyland to enjoy the Dot Com Lifestyle, and that gives me a chance to do some videos with the GoPro Hero2. I was here less than a month ago filming the happiest place on earth with the iPro Lense System for the iPhone, so this will be a good comparison.

The GoPro Hero2 cost $100 more than the iPro Lens, but it has one huge advantage. The video quality on the GoPro fall exceeds the video quality of the iPhone. Also, the GoPro offers a 170-degree of view in both photos and videos. By comparison, the fisheye lens in the iPro offers only 120-degree FOV in video and 160-degree in photo.

The Hero2 is about the size of the iPro handle grip, so it won’t take up anymore room in your jacket or laptop bag. I was testing the motorsports edition which comes with a suction cup mount. This mount proved extremely useful at the Magic Kingdom, allowing me to film from angles and places that would be impossible with the iPro.

Below is the GoPro video from the Disneyland trip. Below that is the iPro video from the previous trip. Both videos are embedded with the new Viewbix player.

GoPro Hero2 170-degree FOV Photo Samples

iPro 160-degree FOV Fisheye