The Flip Vs. The Ostrich

Just wanted to remind everyone that Friday is the last day to enter the Market Leverage Bag of Stuff giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment or trackback in the contest post. So far, there’s been over 650 comments so your chance of winning is about the same as bring struck by lighting. However, don’t let that stop you!

One of the items inside the bag of stuff is a Flip Video Ultra. I just posted a review of the Ultra over at The TechZone. You may want to check it out. As part of the testing for the Flip, we took the pocket sized camcorder to the zoo. The Flip is extremely fun and easy to use. The unit’s durability was tested when we came upon this ostrich.

Even though the Flip was damaged in the encounter with the big bird, it still worked. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Don’t worry. The winner of the Bag of Stuff will be getting a brand new Flip and not the ostrich pecked one.

The lucky winner of the bag of stuff will be drawn this Saturday at Dot Com Pho. If you wish come on down and maybe even draw the winner, give me a shout and I’ll save a seat for you.