The Five Types of Computex Booth Babes

Nothing Says Hot Like Babes Wearing Shiny Plastic

The use of booth babes (or show girls as they’re call in Asia) in a trade show is nothing new. After all, one of the best way to dress up a booth is by having it manned by a bunch of hot women. However, Computex uses booth babes for more than just decoration. Unlike other trade shows, where the girls just stand around and look good, the babes are Computex can be divided into five unique working groups.

The Eye Candies


The eye candy group is the booth babe group that we are all use to. They stand around their booths in shiny plastic clothing, next to the products the company wants to promote. Most of the time, these girls are passing out product spec sheets or bags. Sometime they’ll be asked to pose for pics while holding over sized markups of company products.

The Product Demo Babes


The demo group are generally the highest paid babes because they have to be more than just eye candy. They have to go on stage and do product demonstrations and presentations. I believe Jane May would qualify for this group. The demo babes are normally accompanied on stage by the normal booth babes, whose job would be to hand out prizes that they always give away at these events.

The Roaming Floor Babes


The third group of Computex show girls are the roaming floor babes. Unlike North American trade shows, where booth babes must stay at their booth, Computex allows the girls to roam around the convention center to get people to come to their booth. They walk the floor in groups carrying signs that reads “Welcome to visit us at booth XXX”. Often, these roaming girls are used to upstage a competing company’s product demo.

Roaming Demo Babes


These girls travel to different booths to do product demos for partnered companies. For example, the VIA girls above visit all the booths of the motherboard makers that use the VIA chipset to do their presentation and hand out prizes. Because companies like VIA, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD offers roaming booth babe services, some partnered companies won’t hire girls for their own booths.

The Dancing Booth Babe

The last group of booth babes are the dancing booth babes. These girls bust a move in order to stop show goers in their tracks. After they complete their dance, the demo babe takes over.