The Final Word on Creating Effective Landing Pages


We have chatted a bit on here about how to create great landing pages.  We have looked at design ideas, along with other random ideas.  What we felt was in order was an A-Z  guide to creating an effective landing page, that would spell it out for everyone in complete package right here.  Lets take a look at all the things that go into making a fantastic landing page.

Lets start by talking about why we even have people coming to our landing page.  The first thing we are likely wanting to be concerned with is Call To Action.  Even though technically almost all of the pages you end up at are landing pages,  just to keep us on the same page, we will define them as those connected to google, marketing, or email campaigns.  These will be the ones you are trying to use to get conversions.  These may not necessarily be sales, but conversions mean different things to every business model.

There are obviously more than one type of landing pages, both click-through landing pages, and Lead-generation landing pages.  Lead gen landing pages are there simply to collect information from clients or potential clients, and help convert them into clients and customers later on down the road.  Click-through landing pages, on the other hand, are basically to start a sale with a customer.  These may be great for some companies, and not so good for others.  Obviously, you can see why it may not be a good idea for a company with hundreds of thousands of products.  Having a separate landing page for each item would be nigh impossible.

Lets go through what your landing page should ideally look like.  Use as much text as it takes to get the point across, and no more than that.  Also, don’t make it five or six times the screen space long.  If the user has to scroll and scroll, then they may be likely not to make it to your call to action.  You should also have text and sizing as consistent as possible.  You don’t want to make your page look like a wreck, and it your text, spacing, etc is all over the place, it will.  Lastly, get to the point.  The entire idea of a landing page is to get business.  Get to the point.  They clicked on your site because they have interest.  You don’t have to sell them anymore, you have to give them the info they want to buy the product or put in the info.

The best way to figure out how to make the best landing page, is to make lots of them!  Try and try again with different designs.  Put them out there and find out what works, then revise and tweak the stuff that works and try to increase performance there.

This should be a good comprehensive list of ideas to get you started on a fantastic landing page!

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