The Feel Good Email of the Day

See! There really are good people in this world!

Hi John,

My name is Ken Watanabe … yes just like the actor in “The Last Samurai” 🙂

I was born in Japan but grew up in Vancouver and currently live in Surrey. I am 34yrs old and married (10 year anniversary next year) and have a 3 year old daughter.

I am a full-time currency trader and instructor. I also run a blog, which I talk about currency trading and whatever else I have on my mind. I basically cater to the Japanese community so my blog and website is in Japanese.

I wrote a ebook on trading (in Japanese) which I sell on my site. Every month I donate 10% of my ebook sales to the BC Children’s hospital. Since the launch of my ebook (Feb 2008), I am proud to say I have donated over $1,300 to BCCH.

Not as impressive as your $5K tho…

Since I usually donate every month anyway, after reading your blog, I thought this time why not donate to UGM. Below is a copy of my email receipt from UGM.

Anyway, I’m a fan of your blog. I especially enjoy your DotCom Pho videos. I’m a bit bit busy with my family on Saturdays but I hope to eat Pho with you guys one of these days! Keep up the good work John!

Best regards,

Ken Watanabe


Thanks to readers like Ken, the Union Gospel Mission has another $500 added on top on the $5,000 donation made last week. I’m sure the number will go up by a few hundred dollars after today’s Dot Com Pho. Everyone who made a donation is getting a shout out in the Dot Com Pho Video. If you want to get in on that, you have a few hour left.

Donate to the UGM Christmas Dinner Drive