The eFocus Party

The eFocus party is a media only event put on by Pepcom. You can alway tell a Pepcom party by their bar that is made from pure ice. The event is an opportunity for game and hardware companies to get some quality one on one time with the attending media (that’s me). eFocus is one of dozens of parties that will be going on during the three days of E3 Expo.

As parties goes, eFocus is known as a working party. This is because you’re not here just enjoying the food and drinks, which was all free. You’re here to talk to the companies displaying products and to find interesting stories to write about.

There was lots of interesting stuff at eFocus that I wanted to write up but my hotel wireless is really slow and FTP doesn’t work, so I can’t upload the pictures I took from the event. I plan to do that first thing tomorrow morning when we get to the convention center for the official opening day of E3.