The “Eagle Guide” To Making Money With Your Blog

If you want to make money with your blog, read on…

Eagles are special birds. But what amazes me is the way and strategy the Eagle hunts for food.

As smart as this gigantic bird is, it can teach you a lot about blogging and how to make more money with your blog.

The sharp eyesight is awesome. Whether it’s the Golden Eagle or the bald, one thing is certain – they employ intelligent tactics when hunting.

That’s why their prey can’t escape the razor-sharp curved claws. Basically, the bird in question has four specific techniques.

When the bird is hovering in the sky, it can spot target (prey) miles away. Now, let’s explore the “Eagle Guide” to making a profitable blog.

1.      Eagles are “birds of prey” and so are you

Did you know that Eagles hunt for their own food? Well, you know now. If you look at it critically, you’d understand how special that is, because a lot of other birds can eat whatever comes their way, but Eagles have high taste.

They don’t eat any food that comes their way; they would rather fly up to the sky with their eyes wide open in search of a prey.

Okay, did you also know that bloggers are like Eagles, because they must drive readers who appreciate quality content? In order words, targeted readers who have needs and when they see solutions, they’re willing to accept it.

Your blog can’t grow, let alone make good money if all you do is write a new blog post and expect “readers to come” on their own.

Sure, they can come, but it’s not yet time. You’ve to hunt for them – through social media, content marketing, offline promotions and so on.

2.    “Aim” before you launch your missile

The power of goal setting can’t be over-emphasized. As you may already know, goals are the guiding factor for bloggers. When I started blogging, I didn’t fully understand the great transformation goals can bring in my business.

Don’t beat the wind all in the name of blogging. Know why you started a blog in the first place, and don’t deviate from that objective. Eagles always aim before bouncing on the prey.

The target can be anything (Lizard, Fish etc), but the keyword is “aiming.” Before you write a blog post, make sure you’ve studied your readers and target audience. Will the post suit them?

If you must promote affiliate offers, what assurance do you’ve that readers would like the offers?

It’s all about picturing ardent readers, to determine what they truly want and how desperate they want it. Any temptation that can cause you to blog like a blind man, refuse to succumb.

3.      Don’t let your prey (readers) escape   

Eagle style - make money bloggingThe Eagles’ claws are razor-sharp.

It’s curved and once it grips the prey from off the ground or water, the chances of losing the prey is less than 0.001%.

This should tell you that a bird at hand is worth more than thousands in the bush.

As a blogger who wants to build a raving community of fans and readers, please understand that retaining a reader is the key.

You can’t afford to always attract fresh readers, without engaging them.

The more time you spend with blog readers, the deeper the relationship they’d have with you.

Through blogging, I’ve been able to connect with industry leaders who have imparted my life and business positively.

These new communication channels were built because I didn’t waste my readers. Thousands of daily hits from search engines are never enough, you must encourage repeat visits.

Don’t lose your readers to competitors – it wasn’t easy to win their hearts in the first instance – so, make good use of your own readers.

4.      Feed on your prey (monetize and profit)

An engaged blogging community can be monetized with affiliate offers, banners, advertising, consulting and freelance services. There are thousands of ways to make money from a blog, but it’s going to take eons of time to materialize.

Just like the Eagle, once you start generating traffic and readers in your blog, don’t forget to monetize. The truth of the matter is, selling your own skills can be a lot rewarding.

Freelancing is a good business model, but if you’re looking for passive income opportunities, writing and selling your own product (e-book, membership site, software et al) could produce better returns on investment of time and resources.

The Eagle Guide hack

You can apply these four tactics from the Eagle – it can transform your blog into a money making system.

Oftentimes, the Eagle can steal prey from other birds and as a blogger; you’ve to do the same. When you write a guest post and it’s featured on A-list blog, you can steal targeted readers to your blog and engage them.

What good thing do you like about the Eagle? Do you think Eagles have lessons for bloggers? Please share your comment below – see you at the top!

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