The Discipline of Digital Success

Having digital access requires discipline because you have to always try and tweak things along the way. This doesn’t mean it’s a tough process, but you have to be very patient while trying different marketing strategies. Discipline is required to truly understand what’s working compared to what’s NOT and if you don’t go through this process, you can waste a lot of valuable time. I’ve always recommended to my clients to stay focused on the bottom line and this has to do with being disciplined for digital success. Today, I’ll be discussing some elements important in digital success and how you can achieve your main purpose quickly. Let’s get started…

Strong Foundation

No matter what niche you’re involved in, it’s important you have a strong foundation. By focusing on your niche, and the fundamentals of success within your niche, you’ll ensure each decision you make is optimized for success. For example, by identifying your core values, you’ll be able to focus on the work that will help you achieve the bottom line. Keep these in mind when identifying your foundation:

  • Focus on your core values and your bottom line
  • Always focus on creating a plan that produces the highest results
  • If you have employees, you should focus on clearly defined tasks
  • If you have systems that can be automated, then focus on finding tools to get that done.

Implementing the Plan

In the above step, you went through a variety of different factors important to your success and now it’s time to find optimal ways to implement your plan. I know many clients who have a clear cut plan, but can’t find the right ways to implement their focus into their business. Above, we looked at identifying your goals, values, system, and tasks so now you have to sit down to create a plan to implement. If you create a step-by-step process to get all this done, you won’t have a problem succeeding in this.

If you’ve been in business for years, then you might want to go over your current plan and find a way to refine it for better results.

For example, here’s what I think is important when implementing your plan…

  • Break old habits
  • Focus on progress, NOT perfection
  • Keep your purpose in mind; connect it to your action plan
  • Take advantage of new trending technology and how it will help
  • Always think plans through to avoid huge risks in business

Know When to Walk Away

In the above two steps, we did the following:

First, we went through what’s important in your business, defining the bottom line, tasks, focus, and values. Secondly, we looked at ways to come up with the right action plan to achieve what we need to in step #1. This included changing old patterns, making use of tools, thinking about risks, and focusing on progress, NOT perfection. Now it’s time to implement a strategy solely based on analytics and statistics. What do I mean? Here’s a quick breakdown…

You’ve tested certain things and have tried ways to tweak for optimal results. It’s NOT uncommon in business for things NOT to work out the way you planned. In this case, instead of losing more money, it might make sense to simply stop and walk away. Many of you think this is very simple, but it’s probably the hardest thing you’ll have to do, especially when you started the business and you have an emotional connection to it. Emotions can stand in the way of success and profits so you have to know when to pull the plug on the marketing strategy or business as a whole. People find this very tough because many of them don’t have a second course of action or any other options. This means their business is at a standstill or even at the brink of bankruptcy. However,

  • You have to know when the ROI is less than the implementation and be able to make changes
  • Know when the implementation failed and be able to pull the plug
  • Close down the entire business when you know you’ve exhausted all your resources.

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