The Difficult Part About The Secret a.k.a “The Law of Attraction”

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

I live a very blessed life. I have abundance, I write about topics I’m passionate about, laugh often, and find the most amazing things in the smallest things in life. It seems like people that I need to connect with appear to me when the time is just right for them to appear and opportunities come at the perfect times. Life is moving along nicely.

As a matter of fact, one of the intentions I have set for myself at the start of 2010 was to do more traveling. So I’m actually planning a trip in the near future to Costa Rica where I will document my stay there via this blog, and also video.

I have found that applying the tools found in the book/movie The Secret has really changed my life in a positive way.

Is That Real?

When I first introduced this “secret” a several years back to some of my friends, I was met with some enthusiasm, but a lot of skepticism as well. Applying the tools such as creative visualization, thinking positive, and making vision boards just seems “to good to be true.” The mere thought of simply thinking about something you desire and making intentions for it to arrive and sitting back watching it physically come in tangible form, sounds like something good on the surface, but not something that is “realistic.”

Logic Vs. Intuition

When I use my logical left brain to truly make an effort to analyze the law of attraction, or the power of intention, I admit it I too find it very hard to believe. How can I just think of something that I want, and all of a sudden it will manifest into reality? Don’t I have to work really hard and face many challenges to get that thing I wanted? The challenges may come up at times, but after I’d say about 4 years of actively practicing how to work with the universe in a natural way, versus against it, I have found my own little space of creating positive outcomes for myself by going with the flow.

Once again, the concept as I understand as the Law of Attraction is something I probably am best just living out instead of trying hard to describe in words. After all, it isn’t something very logical, and if I step into the logic of it, I may just be doing myself and my readers a disservice because both logic and how law of attraction work don’t really go hand in hand.

Example 1

It’s very similar to trying to logically explain how intuition or how synchronistic events work. For example, have you ever been thinking about someone and all of a sudden that person give you a call on the phone, and you are surprised and with excitement tell that person “That’s a coincidence! I was just thinking about you!”

Can you logically explain how that process works? If you can, please leave me a comment below I’d love to read your feedback. But, for the majority of people trying to logically translate the reason that “coincidence” happened would prove to be very difficult right?

The same is true for applying the principles that the law of attraction can help you manifest in your life the things you want, versus the things you don’t want.

Example 2

Let me give you another example, have you ever jumped in the air in this (physical realm) and just stayed up in the air and began to float? Just decided to stay up there for a few minutes, and hang out?

No. The reason you can’t stay up in the air for a few minutes or however long you like is because, there is this law in the universe called gravity that exists. This law of gravity is always there. You throw a ball in the air, eventually it comes back to ground level. Any object that consist of matter will come back down to the ground level.

How many of you actually go into the books, and research logically why this happens? I am sure that if you really tried your very best, you can quantify this law in numbers, words, and the like.

So why can’t I logically describe the law of attraction? Which says that like energy attracts like energy, or what you think about your attract in into your life.

The reason I can’t logically describe it is because that’s not my life path or job here on earth. It’s like when I jump in the air, (I jump very high by the way) I know that I will come back down and land on my feet. It is something I just accept as the reality. I don’t feel the need to go to the books, and find the numbers, theories, or exact logic to define and explain to everyone I know why this happen, it just happens.

The difficult Part About it: Teaching It To Others. The difficult part for me at this stage in my manifestation, is teaching why and how the law of attraction works.

It’s not difficult for me to apply these principles with success, because I have trained my mind and my perceptions to just accept it as real. Therefore what I experience in life at this stage in my life is really amazing and spectacular. The more I apply the law of attraction principles, the more I learn about myself and to be honest the more better results I receive. It’s like a little game I test myself with. However, in my case, this is the game of life. So it’s a serious matter, but at the same time very fun and exciting. Life is an adventure anyway, so I decide to experience it that way.

Furthermore, the second difficult part about explaining I also think is because, once you start applying things like creative visualization, affirmations, you begin to see it more of a way of life, versus a “one time thing.” I have found that it allows you take more responsibility for your life, because in essence it is you creating your life.

Law of Attraction as a Way of Life

Seeing the law of attraction is a “one time thing” I think is where a lot of people get hung up on. They start to think that this whole idea is some “hocus pocus” stuff that they will try once and if what they intended for doesn’t come immediately, than according to them it most not work and they begin to slip back into their normal comfortable life where things made more “logical sense.” It’s interesting if you look at very successful people today, they are people who are persistent, and persevere through rejection or failure. How is this idea any different? It really is about alignment. You have to be in alignment with what your life’s purpose is. As you begin to come in alignment with your life’s purpose you will see that the law of attraction is something that is very natural and real in your life.

I have found that people that are out of alignment with their life’s purpose, or have no intention on searching for their life’s purpose, are also those same people that find the need to logically find the reasons why the Law of attraction doesn’t work. Unless of course, their life’s purpose is to be critical, but you get my point.

Have you been applying the Law of Attraction/ The Power of Intention in your life?

Kevin Jacinto is a 26 year old blogger sharing his inspirational thoughts at Braker’s World.