The Difference Between Working Hard Vs. Working Smart

Today, I wanted to discuss something very important and I’ve decided to write this after receiving a question from one of my readers. They asked me: How am I able to get so much done in so little time? This question was based on content I had written about my daily work schedule, working 9-10 hours, but being able to work on 4-5 different projects. I had also mentioned I write about 10,000+ words per week for various different blogs, etc. This is a very good question, especially because running an online business is NOT easy and you’ll have to take care of many different things all at one time. Not to mention, as you become more popular, you’ll be hired to write exclusive content, design websites, events, etc. It’s important to know that I’m able to accomplish this by simply dividing my work ethic into – Smart and/or Regular.

I’ll explain what each means so you’ll be able to focus your time effectively working “SMARTER”, getting more done. Let’s get started…


Dividing Up Tasks

At the beginning of the week, I’ll divide my tasks into “2” categories, which will set my work habits up for the rest of the week. There’s “PAID or HIRED” work and secondly, “PERSONAL” work. Every blogger will tell you they have personal time because they like to answer emails, work on their own blog by writing content, family, etc. When I start my week, I always try to prioritize work by importance. If I have a steady client who is continually providing work for me each month and they pay enormous money, then I’ll always start with their tasks. These jobs have deadlines and I can’t afford to miss them because it’s NOT only great for recurring income, but my reputation depends on them. Next, I go through the list, going through deadlines and importance of clients because in the end, it really comes down to the credibility of the client. For example, as a marketing company, would you rather lose the “Apple” account or “Michael’s Fish & Chips”?


I’ll move into my personal blogging, which, again, will depend on priority. For example, if I’m being paid to write content, then, obviously, this comes way before my own personal blog. However, I’ll be flexible with the timing for each, which will depend on my agreement. For example, if I commit to submitting 20-30 posts per month, then I divide my content writing throughout the month so I hit the number and this will give me time to write personal content at the same time. It’s important to me that I write personal content because I making sure my blog doesn’t go stagnant. However, here’s something else I’ve started to do because of the work load.

Freelancing Writers

Because my whole work schedule is based on “PROFIT” and “IMPORTANCE”, I’ll go through looking for ways to improve my overall output. By output, I’m referring to the amount of work I get done throughout the day and I’m always looking to improve the amount of work I get done. If I’m making money through my blog, guest posting, and side projects, then it’ll be better if I freelance the work, which I know someone else can do for me. I’ll weigh out the price per content and research how much time it saves me throughout the day. Because my main priority is to make sure the sensitive work gets done on time, it’s important to freelance some content writing so I’ll have more time to focus on other, more sensitive projects. More work is getting done quickly, making my clients very happy, leading to growth for me and this is obviously the main purpose of my business.

By now, I have a handful of writers who will write content for my personal blog and PBN’s so I don’t have to dedicate time to them.

What’s the Point?

I know I’ve just gone through the way I calculate importance and time, but some of you might be missing the important lesson. However, it’s very easy to understand…

Don’t waste time on projects that don’t increase your main purpose. You’ve noticed everything I do first throughout the week are paid jobs from clients who add to my bottom line, which is “PROFIT”. Next, I’ll also NOT waste time on tasks that I know someone else is well qualified to do for me, like general content writing. By hiring someone else to do them, I’ll FREE up time, focusing on things that matter like high priority clients and even family. I know firsthand the Internet can be consuming and it’s very easy to spend 10-12 hours on blogging without any return in the end. Work on tasks that help you get closer to your bottom line and FREE up your valuable time by hiring others to do the work that you know they can do. It’s very alarming, spending time on projects that provide little results, so focus your time on those that are actually making a huge difference. In other words…Work Smarter.

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