The Delta Sky Club

I’m making this video blog post from the Delta Sky Club in LAX. This is a VIP airport lounge for first class and business class customers.

As part of my reward for hitting my business goals, I now fly business class and above for all my trips. This means I get to hang out in VIP lounges instead of the main airport gateway waiting area with the rest of the commoners.

As far of airport lounges goes, the Delta Sky Club is nothing special. However, it does offer a great view for plane spotting. If watching planes taxiing in and out is your thing, you’ll love this lounge. There’s a nice open bar with a good selection of drinks, but the food selection is pretty limited. The WiFi, however, is super fast!


I was able to upload my video in less than a minute. I wish my home WiFi had this kind of upload speed. I think the next time I fly out of LAX, I will show up super early and make money online out of the Delta Sky Club. See you guys in London!