The Coolest SD Memory Card Ever

During their party at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, OCZ Technology gave me two gifts. One of them was the OCZ Roadster, the world’s smallest USB 2.0 Flash Drive, which was given away and won by Stephen De Chellis of HMTKSteve in a blog contest.

The other gift OCZ gave me, which I haven’t talked about yet, is their new Hi-Speed Secure Digital Dual memory card. This is the coolest SD card I have ever seen and I think OCZ is going to sell of ton of them. The card can be used as a SD card for your digital camera or as a USB flash drive. It allows the transfer of digital camera photos to the computer without the use of any card readers or 3rd party software.


The Secure Digital Dual looks like any other SD memory card and works with any device that accept SD memory. For most of us, that’s our digital cameras, but you can use the Dual with PDAs, MP3 players, etc. What makes the Secure Digital Dual unique is the cap at end.


Pull the end cap off and the OCZ Secure Digital Dual exposes a USB input that will work with any computer USB port. This means you can take photos from a digital camera and transfer them directly to the computer with a USB port. No need for a card reader!


The OCZ Secure Digital Dual really came in handy during my CES trip because the built in SD reader in my notebook stop working and I didn’t have a spare card reader. With the Secure Digital Dual, I just plug the unit into one of the laptop’s three USB ports and transferred all the photos I took that day. The neat thing is transferring pictures this way is a lot faster than using a card reader.

How much does this engineering masterpiece cost? A lot less than you think. The 2GB Secure Digital Dual cost no more than any other 2GB SD memory card. My TTZ Media price engine shows the SD SD Dual selling for about $50.00.