The Claw Breaker Meets Its Match

Yesterday I took Sarah and her parents to Banana Leaf for lunch. This is one the best Malaysian restaurant in town, famous of its Satay, Roti Canai and Chili Whole Crab. The prices are not too expensive and the decor matches the South East Asian theme very well.

I ordered the crab because it’s their signature dish. However, they were sold out of it and offered me the lobster instead. We said OK. The lobster doesn’t use the same sauce as the crab but it was still very good. It’s not as good as the crab however. I can’t believe they were sold out – it was only lunch time. Then it occurred to me that people don’t order those kinds of dishes during lunch and the crabs were sold out since last night.

Sarah came across a claw and was having trouble breaking it with claw breaker. She gave it to me and asked me to break it. The result is in the above photo. This is the first time I ever seen a claw break a claw breaker. Sarah ended up using a claw picker to pull out the meat inside.