The Biggest Social Media Myths Out There

Social media networks have been around for years and no one can argue with the growth a majority of them have had in the past year. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all have seen a significant increase which means they’ve become an even more vital tool to increase engagement. However, many people still are living in the past NOT making use of the popularity. Social networks are a funnel of traffic that are relevant and lead to enormous conversions. Large businesses know the benefits of using these networks, and grown since they put a solid campaign into place. Smaller businesses, I noticed, refuse to give social media marketing a fair chance because their hiding behind myths and misconceptions of the industry.


If you are NOT giving social media a fair chance because of misconceptions then your losing out on targeted traffic that can generate enormous conversions. Here’s what I found…

People often think….

Customers Do Not Use Social Media

If you have this mentality then your going to have a hard time connecting with your customers and building your business. Many people often resort to social media to get updates and find what’s trending. To streamline the process they often join social profiles so they can follow people who are influential within the industry. However, if you are someone that thinks social media is NOT being utilized by everyone then it’s time you think again. Here’s something…

Pew Internet did a quick study and found that NOT only are people using social media networks to find content, deals and engagement, but they are using it actively compared to previous years. Did you know 71% of the adult population are using Facebook? The statistics also showed people try different networks and the number is up everywhere in the world. This means you have potential customers located everywhere so should be utilizing the power of Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

No Time

I can’t believe how many times I hear this and the truth is… I thought the same way. I remember when I hated taking out an hour to post content and engage with users until I figured out it’s actually making a difference. Social media acts like a chain effect and once it starts rolling you can generate enormous traffic through social media campaigns. Here’s something else which is cool…

Social media can be automated to do everything for you. For example, certain WordPress plug-ins can be configured to auto-tweet your content to your followers. You have tools like that you configure with your Twitter account which does all the work for you. The truth is you have so many tools at your disposal since developers understand the importance of social media and have made it an effort to get affordable tools into the market place. The investment you make on these tools is worth it as you save enormous time and effort going forward.

Social Media Is Hard

No matter what you try it’s going to be difficult, and the way you figure out if it’s worth it is to analyze the ROI. Social media does EXACTLY that, it provides you with a quick way to get your product, content or message in front of relevant people. If you are NOT willing to spend a couple of hours over a few days to learn how to optimize social media then you shouldn’t be involved in anything. To make it in business you should have the drive to learn new things and change the way you communicate with people. If you are just plain lazy then the internet, especially, social media is NOT right for you. Personally, you should take the time and put some effort into learning the fundamentals. Consider the following to help you understand how to utilize social media…

  • Online case studies to help
  • Books and other literature
  • Content by bloggers
  • Social media has their own tutorials
  • com is an enormous source for learning the fundamentals

You Should Join Every Network

This is completely untrue and you should avoid this mentality or you’ll go bust putting effort WITHOUT significant return. You have to know which networks provide optimal returns on your investment through time and effort. Having knowledge on networks which drive traffic to your website will allow you to narrow your focus allowing you to optimize your campaigns going forward. For example, I see many people doing the following which burns them out…

They join every network NO matter what the user engagement and start spending hours a day on all of them. After, these two things begin to happen…

First, you get burned out since your spending too much time trying to stay active on all of these networks. Next, your effort has NO return so you’ve spent all this time and have nothing to show for it. By now you should know there are only a handful of social platforms which have grown throughout the years. These same networks have high user engagement and relevant people. When using you find people from all over the world who have different interests. You’ll achieve what you need from alone without having to waste time on other networks. Here’s something else to be careful of…

When you spread your wings to wide your main focus begins to suffer. Your content goes from high quality to low because your spending too much time on social networks and NOT enough on writing content that attracted people to your blog in the first place.

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