The Biggest Key To Online Success

There are many reason I am successful, but one of the biggest has to be my level of consistency. When this blog started, I average over two blog posts a day everyday for five years. And it was this constant posting level that allowed the blog to be successful.

If you want to succeed online, you must be consistent. You pick one program, like blogging or MTTB, and you follow it. Day in. Day out. Do it. Work it.

Consistency transcends to other things online as well. You have to be consistent in growing your list. You have to be consistent at putting out new blog posts. You have to be consistent at building relationship with your readers. You have to be consistent in getting sales. Etc.

Trust Is Built with Consistency


If you haven’t seen the success that you desire yet, ask yourself, “Have I really been
consistent in putting the hours in each day, or am I allowing others to distract me?”

If you’ve become a little distracted, it’s not all your fault. The Internet has a very high signal to noise ratio. It’s easy to get distracted with the latest shiny object. However, it’s your job to tune that stuff out.

Take my ebook, the Ultimate Online Profit Model, for example. It details the business models I use to make six-figure monthly income online, and live the Dot Com Lifestyle. It lays out a plan to follow, and if you’re consistent in following it, you will be successful.

The problem is, most people have a problem with being consistent. They get easily distracted by the newest thing. Hopefully, you’re not one of them. Success is a journey and does take time. My blog made zero for the first eight months of its life, and yet I was still doing over two blog posts a day. Imagine what would have happened had I decided to quit blogging at month eight because I had made nothing. Wouldn’t you feel I would be justified? I have written nearly 500 blog posts and have not made a penny. Working for nothing back then was the price I paid to have what I have today. Being consistent with my blogging, even when it was making zero, is one of the biggest keys to online success.

We all start from zero. How successful you become will be largely determined by how consistent you are at working through the pain of seeing no return for months down the road. Will you continue, or will you move on to the next shiny object?