The Best Page Creation Tool For Bloggers

Landing pages are critical to your business.

When done the right way, they can dramatically increase your email list, attract new leads left and right, and even triple your sales.

The key phrase, of course, is “when done the right way.”

Because guess what? It’s really easy to do landing pages and lead generation the wrong way. The way that keeps your opt-in rates stuck in the single digits.

That’s why you can count me in as yet another raving fan (joining the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and James Schramko, among many others) of LeadPages.

LeadPages is the first tool I’ve found that finally takes the guesswork and difficulty out of creating high-converting landing pages and lead-gen boxes in a matter of minutes…without hiring a coder or graphic designer.

Basically, LeadPages has turned “the right way” into “the easy way.” And that’s why I’ve made an arrangement to give away two lifetime LeadPages Pro memberships ($477 annual value) for free to two readers.

Before I tell you how to enter, let’s just talk a little bit about the specific reasons why I use and recommend LeadPages so much.

We’ll start with my Top 10 Favorite LeadPages features (yes, there are so many I had to do a Top 10)

1 – LeadBoxes – A LeadBox is an opt-in window that appears when potential subscribers click on a designated link, image, button, or line of text on a site, creating what is called a “two-step opt-in.” After extensive testing across multiple industries, LeadPages found that moving from a one-step opt-in to a two-step opt-in actually increased conversion rates by about 30%.

LeadBoxes give you a really slick way to incorporate two-step opt-ins on any page, sidebar, blog post…or pretty much anywhere else you can imagine! The best way to describe a LeadBox, though, is to show you an example. Click the below image to see the LeadBox in action.


2 – Digital Asset Delivery – Stop creating new lists, new forms, and new follow-up emails every time you’re delivering new content to a subscriber. Digital Asset Delivery allows you to send your opt-in bribes directly from inside LeadPages. That way you can start building your list immediately without changing anything inside your Email Service Provider.

3 – Sort Pages by Conversion Rate – LeadPages already makes it easy to navigate through their 70+ landing page templates. But what’s really awesome is that, with the click of a button, you can instantly sort every template by average conversion rate. This means you don’t have to guess which landing page “might work.” You can see what’s working and start testing immediately.

4 – One-Click Facebook Registration – Want to give Facebook users the option to opt-in or register with one click? All you have to do is enable Facebook Registration on any LeadPage or LeadBox. This is a great strategy both for increasing conversions and for getting your visitors’ best email address (since they’re using it for Facebook).

5 – 404 Pages – Seriously, this is a lost list-building opportunity that nobody thinks about. It basically turns any broken link or 404 page on your site into an opt-in page that will build your list. See this in action here.

6 – Pre-Populate Landing Page Fields – If you’re a conversion nerd like me, you know that if you can pre-populate landing page fields you’re going to get a much higher opt-in rate. With pre-populating opt-in forms, your visitors’ email addresses show up automatically so they don’t have to spend time entering them.


Well guess what? If a visitor to one of your LeadPages or LeadBoxes has EVER opted-in on another LeadPage or LeadBox (regardless of whose it was), the information they used will instantly pre-populate on YOUR LeadPage or LeadBox. By the way, with 15,000+ LeadPages customers and 250,000+ pages created, odds are that many of your visitors’ email addresses will be pre-populating.

7 – Facebook Page Compatible – 4 clicks and less than 10 seconds. That’s all it takes to publish any LeadPage you create to your Facebook page. Don’t believe me? Here’s a 30-second video that shows this feature in action.

8 – Conversion Rate Stats/Analytics – I love that not only does LeadPages easily integrate with whatever analytics/split-testing tools I might be using (Google Analytics, VWO, KISSmetrics, etc.), it also has analytics built right into the dashboard!

9 – Built-In Split Testing – Just like the previously mentioned conversion rate analytics, LeadPages also has built-in split testing that makes optimizing your landing pages even further a breeze.

10 LeadLinks – Host webinars? Get this: LeadLinks allow your subscribers to register for any webinar straight from an email…with just one click. No registration page necessary. This one’s kind of mind-blowing, so you might want to see it in action in the video below.

All that said, the most underrated aspect of LeadPages that completely caught me by surprise is how fun it is to use. Trust me–before I found LeadPages, you never would have caught me calling landing page creation fun.

But once you start seeing the unprecedented opt-in and conversion rates that come from pages and opt-in boxes you created with just a few simple clicks and tweaks (and without hiring a coder and designer)…you’re going to understand why I say LeadPages is fun.

And I’m not the only one gushing with nice things to say. Just check out some of the results people are getting with LeadPages…


By the way, you’ll notice that these testimonials aren’t all just from the internet marketing gurus you’d naturally expect to be getting crazy conversion rates (though they’re certainly there too). There’s a good mix of hard-working folks who are just getting started building their businesses as well.

As for me? What I like about LeadPages is that you don’t need any design or coding skills in order to use it. You can easily edit and publish the 5% of web pages that will generate 95% of your revenue, conversions, and leads.
It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so publishing any new page to your site is only a matter of clicks. And if you’re not on WordPress, you can instantly upload any page to your own server, or just use the URL LeadPages provides you for any LeadPage or LeadBox you create.

Don’t have a website yet? No problem. You can publish through LeadPages and create your online presence instantly.
All that said, you can see why I’m so excited that we’ve teamed up with LeadPages and put together an awesome giveaway…

LeadPages Contest: Two lucky winners are going to win a lifetime Pro version of LeadPages ($477/yr. value).


***All you have do is leave a comment below and answer the following question:

“Why is LeadPages the perfect software for creating conversion-optimized landing pages and lead-gen boxes that build your list and increase sales?”

***I want to hear about action. I want to hear exactly how you would use LeadPages with as many specifics as possible. And I want to hear how LeadPages will affect your business after you’ve implemented it.

The more specific you can be, the better.

And please, I hate to be a jerk, but let’s not bring everyone down with hard luck stories about why you should win because you’ll never afford it on your own. That’s not what this contest is about.

You have until Thursday, June 26 at 10:00AM Pacific (PST) to submit your entry. And the winners will be announced at noon Pacific on the same day. (Note: If you’ve purchased LeadPages in the past, or if you buy it during this contest . . . AND you are selected as a “winner” Clay Collins at LeadPages will still send you a check for the cost of one year of a LeadPages Pro membership).

Anyway, I will go through every single one of your responses and award the winners on Thursday. So keep an eye on your inbox!

And if you’re one of the two winners, you’ll get a lifetime LeadPages Pro membership for free. Which is basically like getting a $477 check every year for life.

Just leave your comment below… and who knows, you just might win!