The Best Mouse I’ve Ever Used

Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse

Before the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse, my favorite gaming mouse was the Logitech MX518. That’s all changed with the release of the new new G5 Laser gaming mouse. With the G5 Laser, Logitech has taken everything that was good with the MX518 Gaming Mouse and made it even better.

For starter, the G5 Laser Mouse offers an innovative and highly versatile weight-tuning system, enabling gamers to customize the weight and balance of the mouse according to individual preference. This results in a custom fitted mouse offering superior control. The optical engine has also been beefed up and upgraded. The engine is now laser powered and features adjustable resolutions up to 2000DPI. The placement of the resolution adjustment buttons has also been improved, making them easier to get at.

The G5 Laser is Logitech’s first computer mouse to leverage full-speed USB. The mouse delivers 500 reports per section – much faster than the 60 to 125 reports per second of a traditional USB mouse. This ability to transmit data more frequently is critical to ensure absolute precision with no lag. Even the mouse cord is unique. Instead of being covered with plastic like other mice, the G5 cord is braided like a high-end audio cable.

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