The Best Make Money Online Advice Ever

Many people come to this blog to find out how to make money online so I figure I would make that the Twitter Question of the Day. During lunch at Kam Do in Richmond, I sent out a tweet asking followers to reply back with the single best piece of make money online advice they’ve ever received.

The answers I got back were interesting to say the least. The cool thing about using Twitter for something like this is the 140 character limit. With that few letters available, you pretty much have to get to the point and leave out the fluff. Thanks to all who tweeted in their submissions. If you have a great piece of make money online advice that didn’t make the tweet list, feel free to add it in the comments.

@seavista (Seavista Software) says:
@JohnChowDotCom best business advice. Never quit, you are closest to success when you "feel" like your on the edge of failure. It’s a test.

@ekonurhuda (ekonurhuda) says:
@JohnChowDotCom: Stay focus & keep learning on how to improve the strategies to make more money.

@theanand (theanand) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Patience is key with Adsense, open eyes is key with affiliate marketing

@joetech (Joe Tech) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Leave Google Ads on for the first month or two and then replace them with direct sales spots at 2x the $ earned with google.

@WesleyTech (Wes Novack) says:
@JohnChowDotCom One of the best was from you! Diversify your revenue sources!

@macewan (Robert MacEwan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Diversify your online properties portfolio – circa Feb. 2008. Glad I listened.

@kuntardo (Miha Kuntu) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Do never give up although you are still making cents after months.

@d3marketers (SAMMY) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Produce original and good content,optimize blog for the SE’s then make money even while sleeping and on vacation.

@mikewayne (Michael Wayne) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Do what you love… or BLOG about what you love…:)

@Talkofthatown (Josten) says:
@JohnChowDotCom you have to hustle your a** off

@BrianNorgard (Brian Norgard) says:
@JohnChowDotCom follow your passion like a rabid dog.

@AMAUIBLOG (Liza at A Maui Blog) says:
@JohnChowDotCom be passionate on what you do 😉

@photodailynews (Jim Fitzsimmons) says:
@JohnChowDotCom that’s easy. The best and most inspirational is your newsletter. Read it 3 times cover to cover

@timschroeder (Tim Schroeder) says:
@JohnChowDotCom And I’d also add that I’ve certainly "learned from my mistakes" but you asked for one piece of advice.

@timschroeder (Tim Schroeder) says:
@JohnChowDotCom "Just DO it" You have to take action or nothing else will matter.

@creativepride (Kat Sanders) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Best Advice: Make sure you have your own unique domain.

@jamieharrop (jamieharrop) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Don’t try to monetize your blog straight away or too soon. Build up a good base of subscribers first

@dicekusaba (Dice Kusaba) says:
@JohnChowDotCom don’t give up & hustle.

@stephenfung (stephen fung) says:
@JohnChowDotCom If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

@PamHoffman (PamHoffman) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Loral Langemeier encourages people to build a Cash Machine, quick way to earn money using known skills. pam

@nickthrolson (nickthrolson) says:
@johnchowdotcom Best piece I have received from Motive Interactive CEO is that making money takes a lot of discipline & that I have tons!

@antnzdotcom (Anthony) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To keep persevering through tough times, you will eventually make money.

@webtrafficroi (ZK) says:
@JohnChowDotCom John Chow says going viral will help build traffic & revenue will follow.I now concentrate on viral initiatives for my blog.

@FeedingTheCrave (Eric Tan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Reading JohnChowDotCom’s eBook!

@revenuerobot (i am revenue robot) says:
@JohnChowDotCom i was told.. never tell your TRUE money making secret… because it may just get stolen from you… like any good idea would

@drigotti (Dave Rigotti) says:
@JohnChowDotCom money follows, it doesn’t lead. focus on creating a great experience first, then worry about making money from it later.

@thinklikeansob (thinklikeansob) says:
@JohnChowDotCom "You can make money by monetizing the shit out every inch of your blog" – John Chow

@AlexFraiser (Alex Fraiser) says:
@JohnChowDotCom The best advice would definitely be from Gary Vaynerchuk in his blog post telling us if we want advertisers then go get them

@spanishonly (Ramses) says:
@JohnChowDotCom To me: using social network sites. Increased my traffic by 1000%, and got me massive direct links.

@chrisjacobson (Chris Jacobson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom "If it takes you a lifetime to create your business, so be it. You should never give up on your dreams."

@allisonnazarian (allisonnazarian) says:
@JohnChowDotCom : best advice was: Don’t do business like a woman, do business like someone in business to make money

@mayankgupta (Mayank Gupta) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I learnt the art of mmo by reading your blog & @problogger Someone suggested me to read these blogs and here I am.. making $