The Best 5-Minute Newsletters to Start Your Day

Life is all about conflicting priorities. You want to have that perfect beach body in time for the summer, but you also love the cheesy goodness of poutine a little too much. You want to live life in the present, but you also want to remember the past and prepare for the future. What you do for work, particularly if you’re an online solopreneur, falls into the same kind of conundrum.

It is in your best interest to stay informed and to keep on top of the latest developments in your industry, but it is humanly impossible to consume every piece of news, information and advice as it comes pouring down on you from the Internet. Time is limited. And time is money. So, how can you stay informed without spending too much time? 

Here are three excellent daily newsletters that you can read in five minutes or less. Stay in the loop without spending hours playing catch-up.

The Hustle

Put simply, The Hustle promises to deliver “business and tech news in 5 minutes or less.” I know there are some really huge tech sites and YouTube channels out there, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the stories and rumors and reviews that come out each and every day. If you just need the most important bits, delivering in a format that’s both informative and entertaining, The Hustle is one of the best.

Reader consensus indicates that the newsletter finds “the perfect intersection of informative, witty, and timely.” It’s always free and arrives in your email inbox by 9 a.m. Pacific. You’ll get the latest stories on startups, tech and business, carefully curated for professionals. 

Check out the archives to get a sense of what to expect. 

Morning Brew

Want to stay on top of the world of business with a particular emphasis on money and finance. Grab your favorite mug and start your day with the Morning Brew. Enjoyed by over 2 million people, Morning Brew features “the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.” 

Each issue is organized in a series of quick-hitting, easy-to-digest chunks so you can skim right through in five minutes or less. There’s a summary of market movements, so you’ll know how GOLD and NASDAQ are doing, along with a couple of the most important stories in that space. You’ll also find sections on world news, stories from the retail world, tales from big corporations like Ford and GE Healthcare and more.

Of particular interest to readers of this blog, they also cover business from a media perspective, like how the coronavirus pandemic “sent pageviews and subscriptions soaring” but “advertisers are pulling spots because of the uncertainty.” 

Browse through past issues in the archive to see what you can get out of Morning Brew.

Stacked Marketer

Speaking of media, publishing and advertising, another terrific daily newsletter is Stacked Marketer. This newsletter focuses on providing “carefully curated digital marketing news, tech, and actionable advice.” It’ll be “delivered fresh every weekday at 1pm CET” and it can be “consumed in 5 minutes or less.” Intrigued? 

Readers say that Stacked Marketer does a good job at making these stories “palatable.” Information here can be dry and technical, but it’s presented in a way here that’s “actually interesting” with a fresh perspective. It’s relevant to affiliates and anyone else working in the performance marketing industry, like SEO and content people too.

Rather than bombarding you with a large number of headlines, the newsletter strikes a good balance between breadth and depth. There are a handful of stories with enough “meat” to them so you don’t have to read a longer article to understand the context and significance.

As with the other two newsletters on this list, the Stacked Marketer newsletter archive is a great place to see what you can expect here. 

What’s your favorite email newsletter? Do you read it every day?