The Art of SEO 101

Everyone who runs a website has the same thought going through their minds at some point every day – how do I generate more traffic to my site?? Especially when it comes to a small business with a tight SEO/marketing budget! There are a few options that cost money – ie SEO, PPC and banner ads – however there are a few ways to generate traffic without spending any extra money. Let’s review those options!

1 – Social Media

This is without a doubt the easiest way to generate traffic for free. By posting links to your site – with a great landing page of course! – those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, will be able to click right over directly to that page. Not only that, but you will be able to reach people who may be interested, but just didn’t know it yet! Along with posting links to your site on social media networks, you need to install a widget on your site that allows readers to quickly and easily share the page to their own social media networks. All it takes is one person sharing your page and your traffic will increase exponentially!


2 – Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing the sources of traffic you already have, you will be able to organically raise your ranking through search engines as well. By using keywords, negative keywords, and keyword rich content, you will be able to increase your traffic by simply keeping your content coming!

3 – Create Great Content

Along with SEO traffic increasing, it is necessary that your website/posts/pages are full of relevant, interesting information that a user will want to read in the first place! The truth is, when it comes to increasing traffic, you will only be able to increase traffic if people are searching for what you have to say. Your site must serve a purpose, solve a problem for a user, and fulfill some sort of objective that your users are searching for. By creating great – relevant, entertaining, interesting, and helpful – content, your readers will continue to come back to your site because they know it is full of reliable information.

By using the three tips we discussed above, your site will be able to not only generate more traffic, but it will be valuable traffic, and not just traffic that in essence becomes nothing but white noise. Keep in mind that increasing traffic is a slow process, and one that takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Be willing to put in that time, and you will be rewarded greatly! Also, keep in mind that large amounts of traffic mean nothing if they aren’t qualified readers – quality readers are sometimes much more valuable than just the quantity of readers. By following the three steps listed above, you will be able to increase both quality and quantity visits – and that’s what we are all looking for!