The Alibi Room Needs a Restaurant Makeover


Tonight we went to the 100th episode meet-up for The Lab with Leo Laporte. The party was held at the Alibi Room at 157 Alexander Street in Vancouver. If ever a restaurant needed a makeover, the Alibi Room would be at the top of the list. I can see why Leo chose it. The Ailibi Room was the only place dead enough to accommodate the large group Leo brought down. Every other bar wouldn’t be able to host their regular customers and Leo at the same time. The Alibi Room had no such problem because they have no regular customers.

The service was down right awful and painfully slow. We all ordered food at the same time but they came out at different times and so far in between that by the time Sarah and I got our dishes, Stephen Fung, Ed Lau, Michael Kwan and Rainer had already finished their. The food was barely eatable and way too expensive for the level of quality. Greg Morgan and BlueFur were the lucky ones – they ate before they came and didn’t order food. One thing for sure, you will never see a John Chow dot Com meet-up at the Alibi Room.

Despite the restaurant being a hole in the ground, we did had a good time. Meeting up with good friends makes up for a lot of shortcomings.


Michael Kwan really likes the little ketchup bottle for some reason. Good thing they gave us three because he used one all for himself.


Ed Lau shows off his super bling Canon digital SLR camera. The thing is huge! The bag it came with looked like a backpack.


Some yam chips. We didn’t order this. The waitress thought we did. I took a pic and told her take it away. Here are some food that we did ordered but wish we didn’t.




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