The $6.25 Strawberry Now Cost Only $2.50!

If you’re like me, you love the Omakase strawberry by Oishii Farm. Theses are the sweetest and best tasting strawberries in the world.

Each berry is meticulously measured before harvesting to have a brix level of 13 to 14 (brix is a measure of sweetness). In comparison, the average supermarket strawberry offers only 5 to 6 brix. Coloration must be perfect: red and glossy. No white base for these beauties!

The Omakase berry to sell for $50 for a box of eight, which I admit is a bit on the high side. If you’ve been wanting to try one but just can’t imagine paying $6.25 for a single strawberry, I have good news. Oishii is lowering the price to just $2.50 each!

Thanks to the launch of their new Mugen Farm, Oishii has been able to reduce their production costs and lower the price of their berries from $50 a box down to $20. I’m going to start doubling my orders now!

The cost may still seem steep to some, but it’s a veritable steal for a berry that has captured the hearts and minds of Michelin-starred chefs, showing up on the menus at restaurants such as Atomix and Sushi Ginza Onodera.

Launched in 2018, the Omakase Berry is derived from a cultivar that was brought to the US from the Japanese Alps by Hiroki Koga, Oishii’s founder. With a large new Mugen Farm in New Jersey, the company says it is better able to meet customer demand for the fruit and lower the prices.

At 74,000 square feet, the Mugen Farm is the largest vertical farm in the world. It was previously an Anheuser-Busch factory. The new farm uses 60 percent less energy and 40 percent less water than Oishii’s previous locations.

If you happened to purchase the Omakase Berry in the past two weeks (May 4-18, 2022) at the $50 price, you can email Oshii Farm and they’ll send back $30. Now that’s customer service!