The $400 Rice Cooker

$400 Rice Cooker

I went to pick up a new rice cooker today. My wife had told me the model she wanted. Now, I have never purchased a rice cooker before and therefore had no frame of reference as to what is good and how much they cost. The model Sarah wanted was the Zojirushi NP-HTC18 with the “Induction Heating System.” I found the cooker at Osaka Supermarkets at the Yaohan Centre. The final price came to a bit over $400. As I’ve said, because I had no frame of reference, I really didn’t know if this was expensive or cheap. I just bought it because Sarah wanted it and I know the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is to always give the wife whatever she wants.

As I do with most new experiences, I sent a tweet about it to all my Twitter followers, who seems to know a lot more about rice cookers than me. Their reaction to the rice cooker ranged from shock and awe to are you nuts? From the replies, I can now safely conclude that $400 is indeed a high price to pay for a rice cooker and my wife has very expensive taste buds.

This post also shows how you can use Twitter to build a relationship with your readership. Now you know why I like Twitter so much. I recommend you follow everyone on this list. They’re really fun to tweet with and provide amazing feedback!

@Alyoung (Alyoung) says:
@JohnChow I love rice but always wondering if this is worth the $. Tell us if it is worth it.

@shazron (Shazron Abdullah) says:
@JohnChow bah, I still cook rice using the microwave ๐Ÿ™‚

@EverydayShopper (Gina Lee Wong) says:
@JohnChow That’s a spiffy rice cooker you got there! Zojirushi is an excellent brand.

@RainShadowVA (Sharon Trombly) says:
@JohnChow $400 for a rice cooker…what kind of rice are you going to cook in it?

@erichudon (Eric Hudon) says:
@JohnChow Wow! It looks like a time machine! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

@Glennia (Glennia ) says:
@JohnChow: Please don’t tell my mother about that $400 rice cooker. I was planning to send her a pot with a lid.

@kpslover007 (Uthman Baksh) says:
@JohnChow That looks awesome! I hope the rice made from that tastes great.

@_MissPretty_ (megan koeller ) says:
@JohnChow WOWO you must really love you sum rice!!!! sorry dosent look like its worth $400 to meeeee…… better make sum damn good rice

@PeacefulWmn9 (Karen Chaffee) says:
@JohnChow Sheesh, for $400 I was expecting to see diamond-studded controls, or at least some gold plating lol.

@SleekDirectory (Sleek) says:
@JohnChow Are you cooking? I need some quality food though , Very picky on what i eat =) Looks good… lots of buttons!

@DawnMarie_XO (Dawn Stonestreet) says:
@JohnChow reminds me kind of like a bread-maker…

@aerobroken (aerobroken) says:
@JohnChow What are you going to do with it John? You don’t cook! lol I like it though, Bit pricey though..

@AffConfession (Alan LeStourgeon) says:
@JohnChow You must be serious about your rice.

@camcavers (camcavers) says:
@JohnChow Zojirushi is good; I had one before our current Mitsubishi. They say the thicker the "kama" (inner pot) the better the rice

@DreeEllie (Dree) says:
@JohnChow that LITTLE thing is $400 man you’re crazzzzy! Bring the rice to my house, I’ll cook it for ya!!

@TariAkpodiete (TariAkpodiete) says:
@JohnChow 400 bucks for a rice cooker, John? probably no better/worse than a twenty dollar one. just saying.

@billyfung (billyfung) says:
@JohnChow wow $400 is a lot for a rice cooker

@laura_dolcepics (laura) says:
@JohnChow Is it the induction heating one? Never made a bad pot of rice no matter the water level. Awesome congee too!

@Woywegian (Greg Lawrence) says:
@JohnChow For heavens sake John just put the rice in a pot,millions of Asians can’t be wrong.Why complicate?

@motolinus (H Fan) says:
@JohnChow don’t ya mean Zojirushi, the one with the elephant? they’re REALLY good. we have one at home.

@vomviersen (kathi) says:
@JohnChow As long it’s one of the Zojirushi cookers with Neuro Fuzzy Logic, it makes FANTASTIC rice!

@BooKooGuru (BooKooGuru) says:
@JohnChow I cook perfect rice in a 2 qt saucepan, 2 cups water, 1 cup rice, simmer 20 min covered, let stand 10 mins. Voila!

@jacky_brown (jacky_brown) says:
@JohnChow What kind of rice is used in a $400 rice cooker?

@Eiscrememann (Eiscrememann) says:
@JohnChow 400$ for rice-cooker? Gee, I need to read your newsletter more thoroughly… ๐Ÿ˜‰

@TracyeLynne (Tracye Williams) says:
part 1 RT @JohnChow: Picking up a $400 Sojorushi rice cooker. This thing better make good rice!

@mjmutuma (Mushambi Mutuma) says:
@JohnChow that betta grill vegetables an chicken too!

@TracyeLynne (Tracye Williams) says:
@JohnChow good grief! mine cost 20 bucks and makes great perfect rice. Thats BEYOND ridiculous dude… get a 20$ one and donate the rest!

@DJWildWagon (Jeff) says:
@JohnChow Holy Smoke better put that Rice Cooker in the Vault or Chain it up to the Kitchen shelf he he

@LoveDiva (Ivelisse Calderon) says:
@JohnChow Hey!! I have on that I bought in Wal-mart (Black & Decker) for $15 a make really good rice.

@Jazmine376 (Suze) says:
@JohnChow $400 to make rice..for that price, it better go to the store to get the rice

@MoneyNing (David Ning) says:
@JohnChow The oldest metal rice cookers actually make the best rice.It’s also the quickest. Technology sometimes just complicates things.

@princessbowie (Sarah Bowie) says:
@JohnChow Does the cooker at least come with a free bag of rice?

@thesolowriter (Tammie Dooley) says:
@JohnChow it better grow it, harvest it, and make it into something divine! LOL

@srpsco (srpsco) says:
@JohnChow for that price it should grow it and harvest it as well

@DreeEllie (Dree) says:
@JohnChow hahahahahaha.