The 2020 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Are your email open rates low? Are you sending too many emails? Do images in emails hurt your click-through rates? These questions and many more will be answered in The 2020 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know. In the video, you will learn:

  • NEW email marketing benchmarks for 2020.
  • How frequently you should send emails.
  • Average email open rates and click-through rates and ways to increase your own email engagement.
  • How often other businesses include images in their emails and how to determine whether your emails should include images or not.
  • Whether or not email list size impacts your email marketing strategy.

Start Your Email List Today

The most important lesson I learned from email marketing is to start your list from day 1. I didn’t start my list until my blog was almost a year. Had I started from the day my blog started, my list would be a lot bigger today and I would be making a lot more money.

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