The $20 Bottle of Tea

$20 bottle of tea

We were at Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck) yesterday and there was a sampling station set up for Golden Star Tea. The sample girl asked if I wanted to try it and I accepted. The tea was one of the best Jasmine teas I’ve ever tasted and I decided to grab a bottle and add it to the rest of our groceries. I didn’t brother to look or ask what the price of this bottle of tea was because I figured it’s just tea. How much can it possible cost? It wasn’t until I got home and looked at the bill and found out the bottle tea cost $20!

At this point I’m wondering what the hell goes into a $20 bottle of tea? So, I fired up the web browser and found the Golden Star Tea website. The website looks like it’s trying to sell a fine wine instead of a bottle of tea. Ingredients wise, the White Jasmine contains only three items; filtered water from the Central Sierra mountains of California, raw organic sugar cane juice and organic jasmine silver tea needles from the mountains of the Fujian Province in China.

The Golden Star Tea was created so consumers would not have to choose between a beverage that is sophisticated and one that is non-alcoholic. The tea is made with a fermentation process so it bubbles and has a taste almost like champagne but it’s clearly tea.

$20 bottle of tea

Golden Star has won two awards for its White Jasmine tea at the World Tea Expo. Yes, there is a such an expo! I’m not 100% convinced that this tea is worth $20 but it does create interesting dinner conversations. All I know is, the next time I shop at Whole Paycheck, I’m checking the price first!

BTW – while I paid $20 for this bottle of tea at Whole Foods in West Vancouver, you can buy it online at the Golden Star Tea site for $12.95US. However, you have to purchase a minimum of four bottles. Cheers!