The $15K Challenge – He Came So Close

As some may recall, Internet marketing guru Dan Raine accepted a challenge to turn $150 into $15,000 in 30 days. Well, the 30 days are up and the results are in!

There are currently seven of my so called friends sitting around me at the moment, seven miserable excuses for human beings who have been waiting for the death knell to be struck… and that moment has finally come, the little hand just ticked over 12…

As you can probably tell, I didn’t make it, but I am still going to celebrate…

Here is the final income statement:

Total Income: $13,713.31
Affiliate Payouts: $1147.50

Total Profit: $12,565.81

So Dan missed out on the 15k by $2434.19 (and technically he still needs to factor in the 2CheckOut credit card fees and take that off the budget but we’ll let that slide). Still making $12,565.81 in 30 days is an impressive feat – especially if you have only $150 to do it with.

Even though Dan came close to his goal, his friends are not letting him off. He lost so he must pay. The price? He has to wear a thong and post pictures on the internet (I think). Dan is going to let the site run to see if he can make the $15,000 before Sunday. That is when he’ll be giving the site plus all the money it made away to one lucky person.

If you want to see how Dan pulled off his marketing trick, he has documented every step he took on his blog. It’s fascinating reading.