The $100,000NT Fatal1ty Shootout


Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel (pictured above) is the world’s number one computer gamer. He has won 12 Major Championships in five different games, a feat never before accomplished. Fatal1ty was in Computex Taipei to take part in the Fatal1ty Quake 4 shootout. The winner of the shootout would win some great prizes and a chance to take on Fatal1ty in a one-on-one match for $100,000NT ($3,125US).

We missed the preliminary matches because they began before Computex started. However, the final one-on-one match was what everyone wanted to see anyway. The competition was held at a popular Internet cafe and was sponsored by Abit, PowerColor, Cooler Master and Corsair.

Now This Is A Big Box


Raymond at PowerColor said he’ll send me a 2900XT if I pose with the PowerColor box. The actual box that the ATI video card ships in isn’t this big.

You Are Not A Challenge


Here he is. The best Quake 4 player in Taiwan, the winner of the Fatal1ty shootout and the man who won the right to go head-to-head against Fatal1ty for $100,000NT. Being the amazing reporter that I am, I was more interested in the Le Power girls and beer than finding out his name. Then again, I’m sure he doesn’t want his name known since he proved to be zero challenge for Fatal1ty. The final score from the ten minute match was 74 to -3. Yes, 74 to minus three.

I knew he was going to lose. I just didn’t expect him to lose by that much. He didn’t win the $100,000NT but he did get a bunch of prizes from the sponsors for winning the shootout.

Win A Signed Fatal1ty Cooler Master Cap


After the shootout, I got Fatal1ty to sign a Cooler Master cap for me. If you want to win it, just reply to this post. I’ll draw a winner Wednesday night.