The 100 Day Celebration

Last night was Sally’s 100 day celebration. By tradition, we celebrate a baby’s first month and first 100 days in the world. The 100 day celebration is a lot smaller than the 1 month celebration I held on October 15th. That party was attended by 100 friends and family members. By comparison the 100 day celebration was attended by just 10 people – my parents, Sarah’s parents and a few close friends.

We went to the Neptune Sharkfin Seafood Restaurant in Richmond and we ordered up a feast fit for royalty. On the menu were Alaska King Crab, Peking Duck and a bunch of other dish that looks very scary, but taste very good. Here are some pics.

100 Day Celebration

100 Day Celebration









There was actually more food than this, but I don’t want to make you too hungry by posting everything. 🙂

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