Tesla Sunshade Solution for Model X


One of my favorite features of the Tesla Model X P90D is the panoramic windshield. The biggest piece of automotive glass in history offers a view that can’t be matched by any other SUV or crossover.

The giant windscreen does come at a price. Even though the top half of the windshield is tinted, the glass can double as a green house, heating up the interior and forcing owners to use more AC than they like. During the last heatwave, my Model X hit over 120 degree while it sat in the parking lot of the California Science Center.

Tesla’s biggest market is California, and since California is in the middle of summer, they’ve been complaining about the heat the giant windshield creates. Fortunately, Tesla is a company that listens to its customers, and came up with a solution – a giant sunshade!

The sunshade covers the upper half of the windshield, and does a good job of keeping the heat of the sun off your head. Installation is pretty easy as well. Just insert the sunshade between the windshield jams and against the rearview mirror.

New Model X owners will get their sunshade with their new car. Current owners who got their Model X before the sunshade will get a sunshade delivered to their house for free. It’s pretty cool that Tesla decided to not charge owners for this.




In addition to the sunshade, Tesla brought back their owner referral program. If you’re in the market for a new Tesla Model X or Model S, you can use my referral code to get $1,000 off a new Tesla. This is on top of the $7,500 federal tax credit and $2,500 California credit. That’s a total savings of $11,000. My code is limited to ten uses. After that, you’ll have to find another owner to get the credit.

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