Tesla Sunday Social at Tesla Costa Mesa


Well, here it is May and I still haven’t got my Tesla Model X. I ordered the X the day after Elon Musk showed it to the world, and was told the car would be delivered in April to early May. I guess it’s going to be early May now.

While I am waiting for the car, Tesla considers me a Model X owner and invited me to attend their Sunday Social. The Tesla Sunday Social is a bi-monthly event series, and was exclusively designed with Tesla owners in mind. At the social, you can expect a tailored look at all things Tesla as well as a chance to speak with fellow owners and Tesla product experts. A light breakfast is served as you enjoy time with likeminded enthusiasts in your community.

The Sunday Social is held at the sales and delivery center at Tesla Costa Mesa. When my Model X finally shows up, this is where I will go to pick it up.

Overall, the Sunday Social was a pretty cool event. There were around 50 owners there. We got to do some networking and watch the product specialist gave demonstrations of the various features of the Tesla Model X and S. Hopefully, I’ll have my Model X when the next Sunday Social comes along.










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