Tesla Model X Road Trip – Destination Charging

While many people will know about the Tesla Superchargers that allow Model S and Model X owners to travel across the United States for free, there is another program that Tesla has to extend the range and options for Tesla owners even more. It’s call destination charging.

Be Our Guest, Charge for Free


Destination charging offers convenient free charging at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Pull up and plug into the Tesla wall connector to charge your Tesla while you shop, dine, or stay.

One of the reasons I chose to stay at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort during our Tesla road trip is because they have destination charging for their guests. The chargers are located right in front of the hotel, next to the handicap parking. It’s a pretty prime parking location!

Hotels can attract Tesla drivers to their property by joining the Tesla destination charging network. Qualified properties receive their first two Tesla wall chargers free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations, like right in front of the hotel.


The Tesla wall charger will add up to 26 miles of charge per hour. That’s no where near as fast as a supercharger, but it’s a lot more convenient since it’s right at the hotel. You can view the full list of US Tesla Destination Chargers here.

Thanks to the Tesla Superchargers and destination chargers, my Model X never went below 100 miles of range, and this trip has cost me zero dollar in energy cost. Had I taken this trip with the Jag, my gas bill would be over $100 by now