Tell Your Facebook Fans to Get Notifications

As much as we enjoy spending our time on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, most of us would also agree that Facebook is likely the biggest and most popular social network on the Internet today. The thing is that Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the team at Facebook are fully aware of this fact and they have no issue with taking full advantage of the situation.

They know that your fans, followers and subscribers are on Facebook. They know that you want to reach as many of these people as possible. And they know that many companies and brands are willing to pay for this reach. As a result, the organic reach of your Facebook page has been dramatically dwindling in the last few years. There has to be something that you can do about it.

You might remember when I wrote about how Facebook is screwing you over and one of the tactics that you may consider is starting to share more of your Facebook page content through your Facebook personal profile as well. This helps get your posts and updates in front of more of your friends and, as a result, helps to extend your reach.

But what if you don’t want to do that? Or what if you want to add another weapon to your Facebook reaching arsenal? While this opportunity can certainly be snatched up by the Zuck (like so many others), the window still appears to be open for getting in front of more Facebook fans with one simple click.


Right now, if someone “likes” your Facebook page, their “like” is added to your total count, but they may not necessarily see everything you post. Indeed, many of the latest numbers indicate that organic reach is somewhere around 4 to 6 percent. But how can you make sure they see every post?

When the user hovers over the “Liked” button your Facebook page, he or she is offered some options. One of these is “Get Notifications.” You can see it as an example on my Beyond the Rhetoric Facebook page above. This option is not selected by default, because the user has to opt-in.

Once he or she does place a checkmark next to the “Get Notifications” option, however, every post or update that you publish on your Facebook page will show up in that user’s notification list. That’s the same notification list where they’d see if someone liked their photo or commented on their status. You might also notice how after you’ve commented in a thread that you are “following” that thread and will get notifications too. This works in a similar kind of way, except the user has opted into every “thread” on your Facebook page.


That’s the good news. Unfortunately, it comes with a couple of additional challenges. The first is encouraging people who already like your page to take the additional step of choosing to “Get Notifications” too. Of course, because the lack of organic reach, simply asking followers to do that will mean only 4-6% of them will see the message asking them to do that. It’s a vicious cycle.

The second challenge is retaining the users, making sure they keep the “Get Notifications” checkmark ticked. If you only post to your page about once a day or less, this may not be as much of an issue. If you have a very busy Facebook page, the user could get frustrated and overwhelmed with how many notifications he or she is getting from you. He or she may not only opt out of getting notifications, but may even “unlike” your page as a result.

As such, this is a very calculated risk that you must consider. Of course, seeing how Facebook is even deleting your likes too, we go right back to one of the cardinal lessons of Internet marketing: don’t rely on platforms that you do not own. Facebook–just like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube–can snatch away your reach on a moment’s notice and collapse your entire marketing plan. That’s why you need to diversify your reach and build your own list too.

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