Tell Me Who Your Blogger Friends Are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Yes, the undying cliche – but let’s give this line a twist by incorporating it to our own field – blogging that is.

It just makes sense. That’s the first follow-up idea that crosses my mind upon putting the statement together. Bloggers in nature, tends to connect with a certain group (or get included in it) however informal or unestablished that certain group maybe. To name a few, blogging tips bloggers analyze each others resources, copywriters look out for each others content, make money online bloggers are on the healthy race to see who’ll have the highest paycheck within the end of the month. That’s just how things go by, a certain friendship mixed with a certain competition.

Look At The Bloggers Closest To You

For instance, having Seth Godin exchanging regular mails with you can already imply that you are something in this online world. Being friends too with a certain professional blogger can back-up the fact that you are among the best in your category, therefore you see each other eye-to-eye. The way I observe it, friendships in the blogosphere, aside from being helpful to promotions can also impose the idea that you run a successful blog, and thus, are successful yourself.

Same thing applies for other cases. Beginner bloggers for instance (aside from visiting the more pro blogs for advance techniques) gets to spend more time exchanging messages with their fellow newbies. In some way, this shows that bloggers on a certain level tends to cluster with each other. Perhaps a natural occurrence even in daily life.

Develop The Level of Friendship

In terms of being close with a certain number of bloggers, I do find it quite amazing that with just keeping a simple connection (subscribing to the blog, visiting every other day and leaving a valuable, honest comment or two), the level of friendship in time turns deeper, and thus, more valuable on both sides.

It doesn’t take much time either. Simple things done over a period of time adds up gradually. Within months or so, you may even find yourself quite comfortable and well-tuned to the person.

Growing Up Together and Developing the Experience

One doesn’t hold the answer to everything, obviously if I may add. Even if I share out my own experience in blogging, I still find other things more or equally valuable in other people’s blog (my friend’s blog especially). It somewhat adds up to the learning process. Establishing a connection and gaining from it through experience and sharing of ideas is a great way to improving, and it works wonderfully too!

The Oprah Winfrey Mantra To Success

Many of us are familiar with the inspiring success story of the world’s number one host, rich businesswoman, and among others, quite a more-than-generous philanthropists. What have marked me about Oprah’s success story is her powerful mantra that might have as well propelled her to where she is now, and here it goes.

“Surround yourself with people that will take you higher” -Oprah Winfrey.

That I believe, is more than enough to tell the whole lesson.

Liane is a young blogger, a blogging guru and a pro writer who shares her insights about blogging through her web hub, Better Blogging for Bloggers Dot Com. She just turned 17, but she’s still a young blogger anyway. 😉