Technorati WTF Digg Clone

I just saw over at TechCrunch that Technorati has started a Digg like clone site call Technorati WTF. The WTF stands for “Where’s The Fire.” However, as soon as they launched it, Technorati unlaunched it or took it down for maintenance.

Technorati WTF is supposed to provide users with a way to submit stories that are hot, or on fire. Other Technorati users then vote on submitted stories. The hottest stories go to the front page – just like Digg. Before the WTF site was taken down, TechCrunch manged to pull this screen shot.


I actually had an idea for a Digg clone site with WTF in the name. I called it TechWTF. The site was to offer technology news that makes you ask, “WTF?” I haven’t done anything with the site so far. Maybe I can sell it to Technorati? TechWTF sounds a lot better than Technorati WTF, if you ask me. ๐Ÿ™‚