Tatto Media – The Fastest Growing Affiliate Network


Last month, I posted a review of Tatto Media. Since then, quite a few readers have signed up and tried out the affiliate network and the results have been extremely positive. Everyone commented that they love the proprietary tracking system and self-serve interface that allows you to insert you own conversion cookie without the need to call up your affiliate manager. Not that the affiliate managers mind being called on. They’re really interested in working closely with the affiliates. Here’s what Super Affiliate Zac Johnson has to say about Tatto.

In just the short amount of time that I’ve been working with Mike Cataldo (Head of Affiliate Relations) at Tatto, I’ve been very happy with the response and fast action. Right when I was accepted, I looked over their offers and mentioned a few that I could do volume on. Instantly Mike went ahead and gave me a better rate, then went even further and upped me even more the next day after talking with the advertiser directly. It’s things like this that make a BIG difference to affiliates… not rewards programs or having a gazillion offers.

Tatto Media doesn’t have the most offers in the business. As a matter of fact, they’re on the lower end when it comes to offers. This is because all their offers are 100% in-house. Because of this, their rates are among the highest in the industry. And if you can run decent volume, they’re more than happy to give you an ever higher rate.

Great service from affiliate managers. State of the art real-time tracking system. High paying offers with weekly affiliate payments. It’s not hard to understand why Tatto Media is the fastest growing affiliate network. If you haven’t tried out them out, you should sign up and give them a test. It’s free to join and the worst thing that can happen is you make money.

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