Taking The New Theme Out For A Test Drive

Like Our New Look?

Welcome to the new John Chow dot Com! I hope you like our new look. The new theme was designed and coded by Nate Whitehill of Unique Blog Design. Nate came to me with the idea of doing a new theme a week ago. I told him to do up a rough and if I like what I see, we’ll continue. As you can guess, I liked what I saw.

The new theme has been tested on the latest version of FireFox, IE7 and IE6. If you’re using any other browser, we can’t guarantee it’ll look right. Changes to the blog include a popular articles section, newsletter (which you should sign up for even if you already have the ebook), a new sponsors section and other stuff that I’m sure you’re discover as you explore it more.


Welcome New John Chow dot Com Sponsors

I sent out ten emails to past advertisers asking if they would like to sponsor the new blog. I was hoping to sell six buttons from the deal. Instead, it got oversold. Rather than turn away advertisers I decided to increase the number of buttons to accommodate everyone. It sure it nice to launch a new theme with all ad spots sold out! Please welcome our new sponsors.

I like to thank our new sponsors for helping to sell out all the ad spots even before the new look went live. Should an ad button become available in the future, a new advertiser can buy it for $500 per month.

The Paint Is still Drying

We’ve tested the theme extensively on the test server to make sure everything worked. However, there is always the possibility that something got passed us. Please check out the new home and tell me what you think. If you spot any errors, please let me know as well.

I want to thank Nate Whitehill for his work on this new theme. If you’re looking for someone who can design and code, Nate is your man!