Taking Off For The Microsoft Company Picnic

Sarah and I are getting a head start to the weekend by doing a road trip down to Seattle. We’ve been invited to the annual Microsoft company picnic at Mountain Meadows Farm.

This yearly shindig is held for all the employees and family members of the big software firm. Microsoft employs over 30,000 people in the Seattle area so you can imagine how big this picnic is. If you can’t, don’t worry, I’ll have pictures!

In addition to attending the picnic, we’ll be meeting up with friends in the Seattle area. Sarah lived in Seattle for nine years so she has a lot of friends there. We will be back home on Monday. This will be a good chance to break in the new TL. Since buying the car almost a month ago, I’ve barely driven it. The car is still on its first tank of gas.

While I’m at Microsoft, I think I’ll head down to the company store and pick up some copies of MS Vista Ultimate. It’s only $45 at the company store. I’m not allowed to resell it but there’s no rules on me giving it away. 😈