Superman To Become A Super Blogger

If you’ve been keeping up with Superman in the comics, you’ll see Clark Kent (AKA Superman) quit his job at the Daily Planet newspaper in today’s issue. In an attempt to modernize their flagship character, DC Comics is bringing Superman into the 21st century by having Clark Kent say good-bye to the dying old world media, and hello to making money online by blogging!

Kent’s departure from the Daily Planet comes after editor-in-chief Perry White’s haranguing him about not getting more scoops about Superman, and the increasingly corporate atmosphere at the paper, which is now a part of multimedia corporation Galaxy Broadcasting.

Kent has been with the newspaper for approximately 70 years. Perhaps his decades-long inability to advance past the position of reporter contributed to his decision.

Whatever the reason for leaving, I like to welcome him to the blogging world. The best two pieces of advice I can give him is to always delivery value, and to start that email list from day one. Even Superman needs a list!